ILF released something that can be interested for every anal sex lovers – Fleshlight Forbidden Sleeve. It is brand new sleeve that was especially design to simulate the interior of womans butt. The first time it was released with Jenna Haze Fleshlight – an addition to Fleshlight Girls Family. The Forbidden Fleshlight is for any man who love anal sex. Personally I’ve tried real anal and comparing with Anal Fleshlight Forbidden texture – and I feel no difference at all. I’m sure you’ll have to feel it and to believe in it. Why? Because Anal Fleshlight sleeve is made from Superskin material that features ordinary simulated skin. It’s extremely elastic and amazingly soft, and it keep warms just for your touch. The walls of inner sleeve are intensely textured. You can adjust the grip of on the downstroke by changing the cap position on the bottom of anal fleshlight.

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Remember that before any kind of Fleshlight Anal sex, it is important to lube yourself and your anal fleshlight. Before masturbation you should thoroughly clean before anal sex with hot water with soap. Anal Fleshlight is a fantastic fun for everybody. ILF has got many products in their offer like Butt Entry and Forbidden Sleeve. You can easily find anal Fleshlight sex toys in ILF online store easily. When you try Fleshlight Anal sex toys for first time, remember that using  only original Fleshlight Anal sex toys you’ll be fully satisfied. Any other type of flexible jelly toys can harm your penis. So make sure to buy a Anal Fleshlight sex toy, as your first sex toy.

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